Book Review: The Best Man

A charming, swift tale of unspoken love and friendship in a quick read.

Book Recommendation: The Best Man

Genre: Romance

Language: English

Author: Marie May

“The Best Man” by Marie May is a delightful short novelette that makes for a perfect quick read, lasting 30-45 minutes across its 63 pages. This charming story revolves around Chloe and Dr. Andrew Brooks, set against the backdrop of London. Andrew, a handsome and successful paediatrician, harbours secret feelings for his best friend, Chloe, who is blissfully unaware as she prepares to marry another man – with Andrew as her best man.

The narrative moves swiftly, capturing the essence of unspoken love and the complexities of friendship turning into romance. 

May’s storytelling is engaging, offering a dual POV that adds depth to the characters’ emotions and decisions. “The Best Man” is a heartwarming tale that strikes a balance between sweet romance and the angst of unrequited love. It’s a delightful read I thoroughly enjoyed, perfect for anyone looking for a light, romantic escape.

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