Certification in Research Writing for Researchers in Business and Management

This specialised 6-month + 6-month certification, offered by Book Ecke, focuses on research writing in the fields of business and management. It’s tailored for professionals and academics looking to enhance their research publication skills.

Course Overview

– In-depth exploration of research methodologies, academic writing standards, and publication strategies.

– Training in effectively communicating complex business and management concepts.

– Modules on data presentation, argument formulation, and ethical considerations in research writing.

– Understanding and Creating course Curriculum based on recent research

Project Work:

The course culminates in a capstone project in which participants prepare a research paper suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Application and Admission

– Application opens 3 months before the start date.

– Submissions should include a sample research proposal, CV, and master’s degree/diploma academic credentials.

– Limited intake to ensure individualised feedback and support.

Course Fees and Details

– The total cost for this one-year certificate course is $2,500 USD.

– The fee covers all course materials and access to online resources.

– Note:

  • Additional costs for book publication and marketing may apply (if required).
  • The first year’s tuition fees are due within 30 days of accepting the offer letter and training contract to obtain the enrolment certificate.
  • Additionally, students must cover their travel expenses, accommodation, visa, and living costs for attending any program seminars worldwide (if any).
  • There are also extra annual fees for extending the program beyond three years.

This course is ideal for those in the business and management sectors aiming to publish or have published their research and contribute to academic discourse in their field.