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Introducing the Editorial Team of the online research journal, “International Journal for Leadership and Communication Management.” Led by Editor-in-Chief Ms Sati Siroda, the team comprises esteemed experts in leadership and communication. With their diverse backgrounds and unparalleled expertise, they ensure the publication delivers cutting-edge research and insights to the global academic community.

Sati Siroda

Editor in Chief/ Publisher

With a diverse academic journey spanning Engineering, Education, MBA, and an ongoing pursuit of a PhD in Communication Management from Turība University, Sati’s multidisciplinary background and passion for research, position her as a visionary leader in the ever-evolving field of communication.

Contact: satisiroda[at]gmail[.]com

University Affiliation: PhD Student, Turība University, Latvia

Department: Communication Management

Founder: BookEcke

Designation: Director/Founder of Rangashay Crafts (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., AUM Werko, Poulomi’s Abode Masterworks, SochoWorko, ex-Director of Payu Initiative Eduserve Pvt. Ltd.

ORCiD: 0000-0003-3803-3281

Web of Science ResearcherID: AGZ-0260-2022

“Principal Contact for the Journal”

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Book Ecke

BookEcke, a sole proprietary, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, a dynamic and innovative publisher dedicated to bringing compelling and insightful books to readers worldwide. With a commitment to quality content and a diverse range of genres, BookEcke aims to inspire, entertain, and enrich the literary landscape.

Contact: journal[at]bookecke[.]com

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Editorial Team

Jūlija Surikova

PhD (Pursuing) (Communication Management, Turība University)

Affiliation: Turība University, Riga, Latvia

Other: Chief Marketing Officer, SIA Driven, Riga, Latvia

ORCiD: 0000-0002-2345-5206

Email: julija[at]driven[.]lv

Pavan Kumar Akula

MS (Information Communication Systems, Tu Chemnitz, Germany)

Affiliation: Development Engineer, Mathematical Methods, FusionSystems GmbH, Chemnitz, Germany

Email: pavan.kumar.akula[at]fusionsystems[.]de

Megha Dukhande

PG Dipl. (Human Resources, Welingar Institute of Management, Mumbai, India)

Affiliation: HR Officer, Human Resources, Billabong High International School, Mumbai, India

Email: meghasdukhande[at]gmail[.]com

Asoka Siroda

MBA (International Trade, Hochschule Anhalt, Bernburg, Germany)

Affiliation: Exports, Exports Sales, Birla Precision Technologies GmbH, Kleve, Germany

Email: asokasiroda[at]gmail[.]com

Editor Roles and Responsibilities
1.    Editor-in-Chief
  • Advance the standing of the Journal in the scientific/research community and increase its impact
  • Maintain the highest standards of ethics and competence
  • Select Editorial Board members for the Journal
  • Oversee the selection and guidance of reviewers and the review process
  • Make the final decision on the acceptance/rejection of manuscripts
  • Promote the Journal at relevant conferences and other public events
  • Organize special issues
  • Contribute editorials and relevant scientific articles
  • Ensure editorial control and quality of the Journal
  • Ensure timely publication of the Journal
  • Act as an ambassador for the Journal, commissioning content and handling submission inquiries as appropriate
2.    Co-Chief Editor
  • Assist the Chief Editor and share duties and responsibilities
  • Make decisions on behalf of the Chief Editor in their absence
  • Assist in policy formulation and editorial selection
  • Guide managing and associate editors in content selection
  • Provide final comments on manuscripts
  • Organize special issues
  • Contribute editorials and relevant scientific articles
  • Select Editorial Board members for the Journal
3.    Editors
  • Coordinate peer review and collaborate with authors, reviewers, and board members
  • Oversee manuscript editing, suggesting changes for content quality
  • Systematically evaluate review reports and decide on paper acceptance or rejection
  • Promote the Journal at conferences and meetings
  • Make final editing decisions before manuscript approval
  • Ensure the Journal maintains high quality and adheres to publication rules
  • Occasionally solicit articles or interesting work from colleagues
  • Submit an Inaugural Article as a corresponding author
  • Propose and review special issue submissions
  • Take up peer review as and when needed with added remuneration as mentioned above
4.    Editorial & Advisory Board
  • Advance the standing of the Journal in the scientific community and increase its impact
  • Formulate policies and guidelines on ethical publishing practices
  • Contribute an article once a year
  • Provide feedback on past issues and suggest subject matter and potential authors
  • Write occasional editorials and other research or review articles
  • Add credibility to the Journal and approach potential contributors
  • Identify appropriate conferences for editors to attend
  • Endorse the Journal to authors, readers, and subscribers
  • Encourage colleagues to submit their best work
  • Advise on journal strategy
  • Suggest reviewers for assigned manuscripts
  • Maintain the highest standards of ethics and competence
  • Encourage article submissions within their network
5.    Guest Editors for Special Issue
  • Ensure the review process for the special issue aligns with standard journal review practices
  • Compile a list of authors and proposed titles for papers
  • Accept papers within the subject matter scope of the conference and submitted by attending participants/delegates
  • Ensure articles are from international authors and contribute academically to the subject field
  • Invite authors to submit papers by the given deadline
  • Provide a short editorial introducing the special issue and its significance once the list of contents is known and articles are being submitted
Exiting from the Editorial Board

If you wish to exit the Editorial Board, kindly provide us with a one-month notice. Your timely notification allows us to manage the transition effectively. Please reach out to [email protected] to initiate the process. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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